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CEO's Message

Kohistan Builders & Developers has a long-standing reputation in real estate development in Pakistan. Over the years, we have excelled in producing superior infrastructure for a variety of purposes. Our Portfolio consists of developing large-scale and innovative commercial properties to residential projects.

Through the ability, Skills and knowledge possessed by our workforce combined with diligence and commitment, we are able to transform vision into reality. Above all our principal asset is the relationship we form with our clients: by understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations. This is what KBD prides itself upon. As a company focused on creativity and development, Kohistan builders & developers use original technology to provide unique and practical new mechanisms. Our philosophy is providing innovative ideas and generating new trends to contribute the creation of better society.

We relish the challenge of taking on new opportunities in the capacity of project management, research, Project development and much more. Although our projects vary in nature, they all utilize our expertise and experience in the business.

By creating successful partnerships with various stakeholders, we have achieved success in supporting our own fundamental rationale: by helping to facilitate business opportunities as a means of solving problems, we can create win/win outcomes, facilitating economic growth and protecting the environment at the same time.

Haji Salah-ud-Din

Words of Trust

The name which we own, is earned with years of hard work and honest efforts. KBD gives you total assurance and confidence to do business with us and we will keep a strong binding relationship with our stake holders.

KBD Management