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Our People

The employees at Kohistan Builders & Developers all possess valuable skills and knowledge in their respective fields. They have been brought on to this team based on their experience and their commitment to excellence. Our people enjoy the benefit of working for a reputable organisation which values their abilities and rewards them accordingly.

We are committed to promoting the well-being of our staff and aim to provide for them an efficient, challenging and comfortable environment to work in. Training and development opportunities whether on the job or externally are provided to our people to further enhance their skill set.


Through its construction projects, Kohistan Builders & Developers has had an impact on the social and economic well-being of numerous individuals. This has included those personnel which the company has directly or indirectly employed and at a larger extent, the beneficiaries of the projects.

Our projects have helped grow local economies and improve the quality of living for communities. We aspire to uphold our reputation and commitment with all of our stakeholders.

Aims of the Company

Kohistan Builders & Developers aims to further promote its reputation and standard in the construction industry in Pakistan. By utilising innovative techniques, modern technology and highly skilled personnel, the Company aims to create highly advanced and durable infrastructure. Through its diverse approach and abilities, KBD wants to continue to expand its portfolio of infrastructure projects and regions in which it operates.

Words of Trust

The name which we own, is earned with years of hard work and honest efforts. KBD gives you total assurance and confidence to do business with us and we will keep a strong binding relationship with our stake holders.

KBD Management